Basic Auth

With API for Basic Auth in Connect. Your app users will be authenticated at Connect with their Username and Password for their account on your app. Connect uses the name and password of the user of your app during integration and sends an API request bundle whenever it reaches for checking the new data or updating the data to the API endpoint.

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Sample Basic Auth Form at Connect

While using Basic Auth for integration, Connect adds a pop-up form automatically to authenticate users using your API. They will be asked to provide Username and Password in the pop-up form at Connect so that an API bundle request could be sent to your app via an API endpoint. The associated credentials will be stored in the Connect account of the user after testing their authenticity, this will help in building quick integration while automatically providing the access token whenever requested by your API calls.

Suitable Condition for Basic Auth: It is best preferred to use Basic Auth in case if API needs Username and Password without any special config requirement or your API prefers "HTTP Basic Authentication". You can also use API key authentication if any customization in the authentication process is required or more information is to be acquired for the verification of the user along with Basic Auth.

Steps to Add Basic Auth in Connect Integration

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As soon as you add the basic details for your app in the Connect Developer platform, you will land on the Integration Home page, click Configure Authentication and select Basic Auth as your authentication method.

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Basic Auth doesn’t require much effort, a form is automatically added asking for Username and Password from the user of your app, just add API Endpoint to verify the login details and all will be handled.

Basic auth Appy Pie Connect developer | AUTOMATION

Additionally, you can insert custom details with API calls using the “Show Options” link given just below the API column in the table, use it and add URL Params or Headers as per your requirements.

Test You Authentication

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To test the API endpoint, click Connect an Account

Basic Auth Account Verification Appy Pie Connect developer | AUTOMATION

Once the button is clicked a pop-up form will ask you to enter the Username and Password to test if the API endpoint is working or not. You can enter any sample credentials created for your app test. Once the test is successful it will be marked as “Done”. Click the “Save & Finish” button to complete the Basic Auth.