In Appy Pie Connect while listing the application one may encounter different terms, information against each field helps to get details for building a better connect. The data type to entered in the information section is labelled with information type such as String, Text, etc. All of these terms are explained further the user to understand and fill the information accordingly.

Appy Pie Connect

Appy Pie Connect is an online platform that connects your apps and automates workflows.


A 'Connect' helps in easing the synchronization of your business or personal data between two or more apps, thereby reducing duplication of effort and saving a lot of your precious time.


A string consists of a single line where user can insert textual information such as a name, email address etc.


Select tab will be consisting of the options in a drop-down where the user can select out of different options visible.


In Appy Pie Connect, users can set triggers to get the desired results/platforms for their data. Trigger checks the new information given by the user through API or REST webhooks.


Action is used to process the information. There can be multiple operations on the said data that can be mobilised using the Action option. Multiple API requests can be made to PUT or POST data.

Input Fields

Users data to authorise various apps in Appy Pie Connect for Trigger and Action is filled in Input Fields. It helps in authorising the user details in various apps.