What Is Required To Build Appy Pie Connect Integration?

The below-given information is required to build a sample Google Sheet and Appy Pie Connect integration:

Appy Pie Connect Account

If you are visiting Appy pie Connect for the first time or if you haven’t created a free account yet then Sign up and create an account.

Google Developers Console Account

To integrate Google Sheet with Appy Pie connect, the Google account is required along with one Google Sheet to start with. This guide is a core example of integration between Google Sheet and Appy Pie Connect and thus a proper Google account will come handy. To make the flow smooth keep the credentials of the Google account and remember the Google Sheet name for use.

To generate the required credentials for the Google Account login to the Google Developers Console. The account will be created in a few seconds using any regular Gmail ID. After this user needs to follow the steps given below to generate the desired credentials:

  • After logging in the Google Developers Console, On the dashboard “Create” option will be available. Insert a “Project Name” and create a project.
  • Once the project is created “Enable APIS & Services” option will be available at the top navigation bar. API library will open, search for “Google Sheets API”.
  • After selecting “Google Sheets API”, the “Enable” button will appear on the landing screen, click and move to the next part.
  • Now, the landing page will be showing the option to “Create Credentials” select, and the “Add Credentials To Your Project” screen will appear.
  • It will be asked to fill in a certain option. For “Which API You Are Using”, select the option of “Google Sheets API” from the drop-down menu.
  • For the next option “Where will you be calling the API from?” choose the option of “Web Browser (JavaScript)”
  • For the next option that is “What data will you be accessing?” select “User Data” and hit the “What Credentials do I Need” button.
  • “OAuth consent screen” will Pop up, select the user type as “External” and click on the “Create” button. Fill in the details for testing purposes and “Save”.
  • After saving the details on the left-hand panel there will be the “Credentials” option available. Select and “Create Credentials” for “OAuth Client ID”
  • Select “Web Application” as the Application Type and “Create”. “Client ID” and “Secret” will be generated.

Note the details and keep the same for future use.

Now, let us move to the integration part.