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Manage your App’s integration using Appy Pie Connect Platform

The integration platform will show all the required information which can be seen in the form of steps, users cannot skip any of the steps and need to fill all the details before moving to the next part. “Integration Home” explains each step and why it is important concerning the end-user perspective.

  • Set Up Authentication - it sets the user authentication or validation with your API which can be through OAuth2
  • Create A Trigger - to control the information flow to Appy Pie Connect through API’s trigger is an important part.
  • Create An Action - Action controls the flow of the data to the other apps. It lends the operations for the data received. It can be helpful to create and update the different items.
  • Validate Integration - as the name suggests, this option will validate the information provided by you. It will help to connect with API and let it have further interaction with the apps available at our platform.
  • Submit For Activation - once the validation part is over at your end, our experts will cross-check and validate the final operations before activating and making the app live.

To make the integration possible you must define every detail of your API and input forms where the user can fill up the data at Appy Pie Connect. The same information is then flown through your API and the automated task helps in keeping a check on authentication flow, data duplication errors, and repetitive tasks.

The actual working needs to be strongly planned for smooth integration. Connect triggers and action work on the information input and output, thus, you must carefully place the requirements and results to have a relatively strong connection with other apps at the Appy Pie Connect platform. For example: to log in an order entered on Google Sheet, a new order name & details will be required. A list of such details is required for your app build up. A proper form is needed to collect all the information while creating your Appy Pie Connect integration.

We hope you are ready to move to authentication now.