Getting Started

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What is Required to Build Appy Pie Integration?

With Appy Pie Connect, to build a new integration, details are required about the app to start with. Appy Pie Connect integrates with 300+ apps. This is the most important feature that Appy Pie Connect provides to its user. With complete description and logo of the app, the well-categorized apps help the user to find a suitable and relevant app and thus search make a Connect using the tool to automate the workflow.

For new app integration at Appy Pie Connect:

Your application information such as name, description, logo and category can be updated in later stages as well.

Let us describe each information required in detail:


The name of the app should be similar to what your app carries in branding and promotions. This name will be displayed at Appy Pie Connect and will help the user to search and connect with your app easily. The name should be simple and similar to what you use standardly without any extra adjective or spaces. It should be very specific and no extra information is required in this option. For adding the description you can fill the details further in the option recommended for it. Be really specific while filling the detail as this will be the primary way to search and connect with your app from our app list.


The description can be up to 300 characters including the spaces. We recommend you to use this description in writing the important features and functionality of the app. You can also mention the use-case of your app. For example “Mindbody is the source for fitness memberships, workout classes, wellness services, beauty appointments and more, no matter where you are in the world”. Do not populate the content with additional branding or promotional content. Do not mention anything about Appy Pie connect, it works best when simple app features and functionalities are given so that the user could have a better understanding of the app.

We recommend using proper English with complete sentences, and punctuation to cater to international clients. Any other formatting or links will be displayed in plain text format, thus, do not use them.

Intended Audience

The intended audience helps Appy Pie Connect to know whether the app is for public or private integration. You can select the option from the dropdown menu. It is important to declare the same as the public intended apps get quicker support from our team, also we run promotional activities for such apps from time to time.


Choose the role of your connection with the app, most of the integrations are built by the app development team. So that general users of the app may get the benefit from the same. But, if you are not associated with the app, you can still create the integration for personal use. Check the options given in the dropdown and select the most appropriate one.


Choose the best category that defines your app from the dropdown menu. This can be based on the working, features, or support that it provides. If, for any reason, the app seems to fit in more than one then choose the most appropriate category for the app.

Adding Extra Information

Appy Pie connect asks some more details to run with your integrations. These details help in relating the app and the person creating integration. Also, it becomes easy to organize the app in different categories to make it relevant for general users.

  • Home Page URL: To relate the app with your working website Appy Pie Connect ask for the Home Page URL. It helps the user to get more details about the app and have a better idea about the core functionalities of the app displayed on the homepage. It is optional input, you can add or skip as per your convenience.
  • Get regular updates for your integration: TO receive recommendations and updates related to the integration you can click on the checkbox. This will also help in getting the performance to know how your app is working at Appy Pie Connect through a subscribed email.

Save the information filled and you are all set to make an integration. Now, add API authentication details and complete the integration in Appy Pie Connect.

Editing Your Appy Pie Connect Integration Information

Editing Integration Information Appy Pie Connect developer | AUTOMATION

Open “My Integration” and go to “Settings” option. A new window will open where the next steps shall be mentioned to complete or edit the integration. On the left-hand corner, there will be a tools symbol next to your app name. Click on the symbol and you shall be directed to the integration details page. You can edit or update the information as per your convenience. All these changes will be reflected in your app to users as well. Thus, we recommend you to complete the editing before the final launch of the app.